Coltrath Brownspark

6’ 5”, 202 lb., tan skin, turquoise almost catlike eyes, reddish brown hair, copper earring that resembles a copper dragon’s head on left ear


Background: Coltrath Brownspark was a noble, but when he was 11 his family manor was attacked by a huge black dragon his family was killed but a young copper dragon flew in just in time to save him from the evil dragon. Before the copper dragon left him she gave him a copper orb that she told him to keep in acid. He agreed and the dragon left him. A year later he decided to avenge his family’s death and was inspired by the copper dragon so he started training as a copper dragon shaman.

Personality: leader type, somewhat greedy, very charming, funny, respectful of metallic dragons, especially copper, HATES black dragons.

Coltrath Brownspark

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